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The challenges of international competition and ever increasing complexity of information flows have widened the financial and business risks faced by companies. With increasing regulatory requirements, the need for greater transparency in operations and disclosure norms, stakeholders require assurance beyond the traditional critique of numbers. Hence assurance is being increasingly required on industry issues, business risks, and key business processes.

Globalization of the Indian corporate world has been a key driver in harmonization of accounting practices and financial disclosure norms. Increasing participation of Foreign Institutional Investors, Non Resident Indians, Mutual funds and other Strategic Investors in the Indian Capital Market is demanding transparent financial statements, as a result, corporate governance is taking deep roots in the Indian corporate sector. Given the Corporate Governance Regulations and the related statutory pronouncements, the role of an auditor has substantially changed. The role of an Audit Committee (ACB) has become more comprehensive and diversified. There has been a complete re-orientation in the form and content of financial statements disclosure in light of the above drivers of change and the recent pronouncements of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Increasingly we service our clients through teams that are multi-disciplined and sector focused. Our IT infrastructure, which helps people to work together irrespective of where they are, lets us draw on our partners and staff with the most relevant experience for any particular assignment, ensuring that our teams represent the very best that we can offer.

We in Chaturvedi & Co. (C&C) provide a wide range of advisory and compliance services across various industry sectors. We have rich assurance expertise across industry such as construction, Telecommunication, Engineering, Airlines, Software, Media, Transport, Cement, Healthcare & Pharma, Mutual Funds etc. The Division serves top industry houses and banks in the country; public and private enterprises; domestic and Multinational Companies; Not for profit enterprises and more.

Audits are conducted using generally accepted auditing standards and the globally accepted audit practices. Assurance services begin with expressing an opinion on our client’s financial statements, but go far beyond. We also help our clients achieve business objectives; strengthen corporate governance and internal controls.

The Audit & Assurance team comprises of experienced and qualified members, majority being either an associate or a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The team is continuously monitored and updated with the audit skills and tools to ensure committed deliverables and compliances.
Service Offerings:
Statutory Audits
Tax Audits
Compliance Audits
Special Investigation Audits
Certification Services including     Corporate Governance
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